Privacy Policy


1. This Privacy Policy defines the principles of gathering, processing and using personal data obtained by the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”).

2. The Website is owned by Intergeneral Group OÜ, based in Tallinn (15551), Sepapaja 6, tax identification number EE102113060, e -mail:, hereinafter referred to as Intergeneral Group. Intergeneral Group is also the Personal Information Administrator.

3. Intergeneral Group acts with utmost care to ensure the privacy of Users who visit the Website.

Article 1 - How do we collect data?

1. Intergeneral Group collects data on individuals who run economic or professional activity on their own behalf (hereinafter referred to as the Entrepreneurs), and data on individuals who perform legal actions that are not directly related to their activity.

a. account registration at the Website

b. using a contact form

c. using a form Recommend to a friend

2. Users' personal data are collected in case of:

a. e-mail

i. postal code and place of residence

ii. country

iii. street and house/flat number

b. address data:

c. the company name

d. name and surname

e. fax number

f. phone Number;

3. In case of a registration of an Account on the Website, a User provides: Company name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail address.

4. In the case of a registration of an Account on the Website, a User specifies his/her own password to the account. The User can change the password at a later time, as described in Article 4.

a. e-mail

b. the company name

c. name and surname

d. phone Number;

5. In case of use of the contact form on the Website, User shall provide:

a. e-mail

b. e-mail of person, to who will be sent an electronic message

c. name

6. During the Website browsing, Intergeneral Group is collecting additional information (IP address assigned to your computer or external IP address of your ISP's, domain name, browser type, time of access, the type of operating system).

7. Moreover, Navigational Data may also be collected from Users, including information on links and hyperlinks that they decide to click, or other activities performed on our Website.

Article 2 - How do we use collected data?

1. Intergeneral Group uses personal information for the purpose of providing services via the Website.

2. Navigation data may be used to ensure the Users with improved service, statistical data analysis and adjustment of the Service to the Users’ preferences, administering the Service and also to adapt ads on the websites of the Service to the Users’ display.

Article 3 - IP address

1. Intergeneral Group may collect your IP address. An IP address is a number assigned to the computer of a website visitor by your ISP. The IP number allows you to access the Internet. In most cases, the computer is assigned dynamically, i.e. it changes every time you connect to the Internet and therefore is widely regarded as non-personally identifying information. The IP address is used by Intergeneral Group in diagnosing technical problems with the server, creating a statistical analysis (e.g. determining regions from which we note the most visits), as information useful in administering and improving the Website, as well as for security purposes and the possible identification of aggravating server-unwanted automatic programs for viewing the Website content.

2. The Website contains links and hyperlinks to other web pages. Intergeneral Group shall not be responsible for privacy policies in force therein. Therefore, if you go through the Website to a page managed by another administrator, we encourage you to acknowledge the privacy policy adopted therein.

Article 4 - Access to data and Protection

1. Personal information in Intergeneral Group is protected in compliance with the Act on Personal Data Protection of 29 August 1997.

2. Only authorized employees of Intergeneral Group have access to personal information collected by the Website.

3. Intergeneral Group provides the Users who have their accounts with uninterrupted access to their data and the possibility of their modification at any time. To modify data, a User should log into his/her Account at the Website.

4. Intergeneral Group shall allow removal of personal data from the data set, in particular if the User Account is deleted. Intergeneral Group may refuse to remove personal data if the User violates applicable law, and keeping the personal data is necessary to explain the circumstances and determine the liability of the User.

5. If a User who has an account at the Website has lost his/her access password, the Website makes it possible to reset the password to an account at the Website. Intergeneral Group shall not send any password reminder. The User’s encrypted password is stored in a database in a non-readable form. To reset a password, a User has to provide an e-mail address in the form available through the “Forgotten Password Recovery” link, next to the login form to an Account on the Website. Intergeneral Group will be sent an e-mail with a unique redirecting to the Website, and after selecting, the User will be able to choose a new password.

6. Intergeneral Group does not send any mails, including e-mails requesting login information, in particular the access code to a User’s account. Such information is not disclosed either through traditional mail, e-mail or by phone.

Article 5 - Amendments to the Privacy Policy

1. The Privacy Policy may change, and Intergeneral Group will inform the Users 7 days in advance.

2. Please send all additional questions related to the Privacy Policy to: