Cookies Policy

1. The Website uses small files called cookies. They are recorded by Intergeneral Group Website on a computer of a visitor to the Website, if a web browser allows so. A cookie file usually contains the name of the domain where it comes from, its expiry time, and an individual random number that identifies such a file. Information collected by means of such type of files enables adjustment of services offered by Intergeneral Group to the individual preferences and the actual needs of visitors to the Website. It also gives an opportunity to work out general statistics of hits into information presented on the Website.

a. Session cookie: recorded information is deleted from the memory of a device after the end of a session of a given web browser or after a computer is turned off. The session cookie mechanism does not allow for collection of any personal data and other confidential information from a User’s computer.

b. Persistent cookies: these are stored on the User’s computer hard disk until their removal.

2. Intergeneral Group uses two types of cookie files:

a. User’s authentication on the Site/on the Service and to provide the Service User's session (after logging in). Thanks to this, the User does not have to retype their username and password on every page of the Service

b. analyzing and auditing the audience, and in particular creating anonymous statistics that help Intergeneral Group to understand how the Service Users benefit from the websites of the Service, which enables the improvement of their structure and content

3. Intergeneral Group uses its own cookies for:

a. collection of general and anonymous statistic data through Google Analytics analysis tools (external cookies administrator: Google Inc., based in U.S.)

4. The cookie mechanism is safe for the computers of the Website’s Users. In particular, this way does not provide the possibility for viruses or other unwanted or malicious software to enter your computers. Nevertheless, Users have an option in their web browsers to limit or switch off the access of cookie files to their computers. If you use this option, you may still use the Website except for functions that, due to their nature, require cookies.

a. Internet Explorer

b. Mozilla Firefox

c. Chrome

d. Safari

e. Opera